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  • Scientific Name: Musca saprophagia (Detritus-eating fly);
  • Fact: They are present wherever their food can be found;
  • Locations: Inside the Lighthouse, several other areas across Hillys;
  • Worth: 150 units;
  • SC Comment: "Thank you, Jade!! Flies are unjustly disliked."


The housefly is a common insect that resides in many Hillyan homes. Jade can find one in her own kitchen hiding behind a barrel. They can also be found in many other places of Hillys, most notably Black Isle's mine shaft and the Nutripils factory where swarms of them fly around.

This insect is surprisingly big, about the same size as a ladybug. Its body is completely green while its eyes are a bright red. It's also extremely noisy when it flies, its wings making a low and annoying buzzing sound during flight.

It is obviously based on the real-life common fly, which has similar characteristics.