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Owner of the Akuda Bar
Disambiguous - This article is about taurus sapiens and the character Mo. For information regarding the Akuda Bar, see Akuda Bar.

Being the only living taurus sapiens seen in the last couple of years, Mo is unique among the species that inhabit the planet of Hillys. Mo, is a white bull covered in several beige/brown spots. He owns the popular Akuda Bar located in the Pedestrian District, of which he also is the bartender of.


Mo seems to be good friends with both Jade and Pey'j; several times Mo insists of having a drink on the house. It appears that Mo goes a long way back with the two, but for reasons yet to be known.

The treasure of a lifetime[]

Mo explains to Jade that there is a big treasure yet to be claimed by anyone. Mo tells Jade that this treasure resides inside the crater of Black Isle.


  • Ironically, "Mo" is similar to 'moo', the sound made by cows, however "Mo" is a bull.
  • Taurus is Latin for "Bull".
  • Taurus is the second constellation of the zodiac, which represents a bull.
  • Mo is the only Taurus Sapiens seen in Beyond Good & Evil