When you enter the Black Isle a cutscene will appear with the man in the suit telling you that you need to take picture of a Domz species for mister De Castellac which Jade agrees to do when you venture through the mine. You need to work together with Pey'j to open the first door. Then you enter the real mine and another cutscene will appear about Pey'j showing his latest invention, boots which can fly powered by farts but they are still somewhat defective and Pey'j crashes down. He can do a special attack that you can use on the platform in front of you. You need to order Pey'j for a special attack to boost you up Then, you need to go to the bridge and use the mechanism to lower the bridge so Pey'j can proceed. After this, you enter a place with an animal in the ground and explosive materials are blocking your path. Use Pey'j and his new attack to launch the beast into the air and hit it to throw it against the explosive material. You can now proceed but watch out for the anemones. Hit them a few times and their tentacles will disappear. There is a passage blocked by a steel fence, but you don't have the tools for cutting it off. Now you can see the same animal again. You just do the same thing with Pey'j and you can advance. Now you need to defend yourself against Crochax. They can be annoying but when you trick them they're not so tough. (to be continued)
Beyond Good & Evil (PC) 21 (full)

jade and pey'jin the mines.In the distance you see the anemones,the explosives, and the orange plant you can trow

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