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Ming-Tzu's shop. On the left is the stock. On the right the counter.

Ming-Tzu's Shop is a premium store owned by Ming-Tzu located in Hillys City's Pedestrian District near the fountain.

In addition, the shop serves as a remote location for the distribution of the IRIS publication to Hillys, and is free of charge for any IRIS Network member. It also offers a free subscription on the IRIS Newsflash.


Ming-Tzu's Shop offers a varied amount of items to be purchased by the use of units. Relatively, his prices are higher than other shops on Hillys, but he has some unique items in stock.

Ming-Tzu's prices are relatively higher than other shops, but he has unique wares for sale.

Regular items[]


Price: 1500 units

PA 1

Price: 1500 units


Price: 3999 unites

Unique items[]

Animal detector

Price: 1000 units

Pearl detector

Price: 3000 units

Super Attack Strengthened

Price: 2000 units