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Megaptera Borealis


  • Scientific Name: Megaptera borealis (Aurora humpback whale);
  • Fact: The term "borealis" also means "northern lights";
  • Location: Outside territorial waters near the Lighthouse shelter;
  • Worth: 2000 units;
  • SC Comment: "What??... You've found it??!!! I was convinced that it was simply an old fisherman's tale!"


The aurora whale is a massive sea creature that lives in the southern area of Hillys beyond the Lighthouse shelter. It lives beyond territorial waters, so Jade has no choice but to bypass the electric barriers in order to get a photograph of the specimen.

This whale is entirely blue, except for lighter-colored patterns on its back and its white belly. Very similarly to its cousin, the Megaptera purpurea, it will breach the ocean's surface in an acrobatic jump from time to time. Otherwise, it mostly remains underwater. It can also come close to the surface and splash its tail over the water. According to the Science Center, it was believed to be just an old fisherman legend until Jade took a snapshot.

It is based on the real-life humpback whale of the same genus.