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  • Scientific Name: Megaptera anaerobia (Oxygen-free humpback whale);
  • Fact: It is the very last species available to photograph;
  • Location: In Selene's orbit;
  • Worth: 800 units;
  • SC Comment: (randomized) "Thank you so much for all the important information..."


The Megaptera anaerobia is, oddly enough, a whale living in outer space between Hillys and Selene. It is first encountered encased in an ice asteroid, which Jade must destroy piece by piece in order to break the specimen free and photograph it. This can be done with either the regular laser or the neutralizing cannon of the hovercraft. Whenever the asteroid is hit, its blue trail will turn pink.

This whale is very similar to its cousin, the aurora whale. It has the same colored skin and patterns on its back, though slightly darker. It also has a white belly. When free from its prison, the space whale creates pink and blue bubbles in its trail. It swims as if it were in water and swirls around during its weightless flight. Like its name suggests, it doesn't need oxygen to breath.

It is based on the real-life humpback whale.