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A Materia Crystal is a dark purple-colored crystal with bright sparkling streaks that can be found just about anywhere and is used as a form of currency on Hillys.

Hyllian Bank pays 5 Units in exchange for each crystal. 


Mine crystal

A Materia Crystal before being mined.

The Materia Crystals originate from Black Isle.

At one time, the crystals were mined in the caverns of Hillys and were sold in exchange for Units to sustain the economy. However, due to the dangerous creatures, such as Crochax, inhabiting the caves, miners abandoned their positions and the mines were left with a bountiful supply of the crystals.


Creatures that have dwelled for years in the proximity of caverns containing Materia Crystals have been exposed to their 'radiation'. It has been reported that creatures such as the Crochax, Palinurus, and Pelagia expose crystals in varying amounts upon their death.