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Manta Magnificens
  • Scientific Name: Manta magnificens (Magnificent ray);
  • Fact: It lives in open air instead of underwater;
  • Location: Outside territorial waters near the Lighthouse shelter;
  • Worth: 850 units;
  • SC Comment: (randomized) "Okay, I've filed the picture."


The Manta magnificens is a flying ray (or skate) that spends its entire days gliding in the skies of Hillys. It can be found soaring just west of the Lighthouse shelter, beyond the electric water frontiers. It mostly flies over the land, but will go above the ocean from time to time.

This ray is the only specimen of its species found on Hillys. It can fly thanks to the pointed and webbed fins fused to its head. Its body is a mix of red and orange while its belly is entirely white. It has a long and thin tail it uses as a rudder to navigate through the sky. It's also a very friendly creature and doesn't appear disturbed by the presence of aircrafts.

It is based, like its cousin the sky ray, on the real-life Manta birostris.