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Manta Cyanea
  • Scientific Name: Manta cyanea (Sky ray);
  • Fact: They live in open air instead of water;
  • Location: Over the Nutripils factory;
  • Worth: 700 units;
  • SC Comment: (randomized) "The inventory is coming along. Thanks again..."


The sky ray is a flying fish (also known as a skate) that freely roams the skies of Hillys. It can be found wandering around the Nutripils factory north of Hillys City.

The Manta cyanea is the only specimen of its kind. It has two fins fused to its head that double as broad wings. It has a sky-blue body with lighter patterns on its wings, a white belly, and a long and skinny tail it can use to swipe at predators. It's a very friendly creature that never goes into conflict. It doesn't seem disturbed by the presence of aircrafts.

It is based on the real-life manta ray, the largest ray species.