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Mammago Garage from the outside.

Location: System 4 / Hillys

Seen in: Beyond Good & Evil


Stationed between the southern entrance of Hillys City and the Lighthouse, Mammago Garage is the local store for vehicles such as hovercrafts, zeppellins and space-faring vessels. It is owned and run by the Mammago family, Hal, Babukar and Issam, and their unseen Mamma. Provided with fully stocked vending machines and gear, the Mammago Garage is the finest place to purchase your needs--ranging from P-O-D's to military grade Stellar Motors. At times--due to the failing electricity circuits provided by Optima Service, the Mammago Garage has been a repeating target of various DomZ attacks during the war in 2435.


  • It is the only place in Beyond Good & Evil where pearls can be used exclusively as a method of payment.