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Mammago Garage, also known as Mammago, are a family run vehicle maintenance company operated by the namesake Mammago family. They operate to repair and restore vehicles used by the locals as well as a towing service for those stranded in the world.

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Mammago Garage from the outside.


Stationed between the southern entrance of Hillys City and the Lighthouse, Mammago Garage is the local store for vehicles such as hovercrafts, zeppelins and space-faring vessels. It is owned and run by the Mammago family, Hal, Babukar and Issam, and their unseen Mamma. Provided with fully stocked vending machines and gear stocked with black market and ex-military gadgets and upgrades.

At times, due to the failing electricity circuits provided by Optima Service, the Mammago Garage has been the resulting target of various DomZ attacks during the war in 2435.


When the player enters the Hovercraft for the first time, Pey'J's limited repair work renders immobilised in the middle of the ocean as they headed to the garage for repairs. However the family send out their tow-ship to carry their stranded craft to the workshop on their behalf. Once fully repaired and the Speedcraft Motors were purchased, Jade can return here to purchase and apply new upgrades to the hovercraft.

Name Description Price
Speedcraft Motor Used to repair the Hovercraft and also allows it to gain a speedboost.

Essential to further the game.

1 Pearl
Neutralising Cannon Allows the Hovercraft to shoot down airborne enemies, can also lock on to fire missiles.

Essential to shoot down the drones protecting the Nutripils Factory.

5 Pearls
Jump Pack Enables the Hovercraft to jump, essential for evading the lasers guarding the Slaughterhouse. 15 Pearls
Stabiliser Improves the Cannon's accuracy. 20 Pearls
Space Engine Grants the Beluga's ability to travel into Space. Essential to reaching the moon. 30 Pearls


  • It is the only place in Beyond Good & Evil where pearls are used in the Black Market here.