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  • Scientific name: Macropedia omnivora (Omnivorous earthworm);
  • Fact: In Greek, the terms "makros" and "pedo" mean "large" and "ground" respectively;
  • Location: Alpha Sections underground quarters, entrance to Nutripils factory;
  • Worth: 400 units;
  • SC Comment: (randomized) "Okay, I'll file it...";


The Macropedia omnivora is a small creature that lives in moist areas of Hillys. They're mainly found at the entrance of the Nutripils factory and in the Alpha Sections underground quarters. Although they do not look like much, they will feel threatened at Jade's presence and will attempt to bite her. She can get rid of them with a good kick.

These worm-like creatures crawl in order to move around. They live in damp areas in groups of five or more. Their long and thin bodies are pink while their beak-like mouth is purple. Like their name suggests, they eat both plants and small animals.

Their scientific name may be based on the real-life Macrochaetus rappi, the largest earthworm recorded.