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  • Scientific Name: Lycoperdon fugiferus (Fruit bearing fungus);
  • Fact: They can be used to clear paths;
  • Location: Inside Black Isle's mine, Vorax's lair;
  • Worth: 400 units;
  • SC Comment: (randomized) "Stupendous photo, Jade!!"


The Lycoperdon fugiferus (also called puffball mushrooms) are a type of fungi that can only be found in the mine shafts on Black Isle and in the vorax lair. They have a highly explosive biological chemical inside their bodies, which give them the ability to explode. Though not usually aggressive, they can get mad if disturbed. They will start to glow and eventually explode whenever they get upset.

These fungi are orange translucent puffballs that live in a red and sharp crater bed that protects them from predators. They can be brought out by Pey'j's ground pound and then thrown in a certain direction by Jade to destroy obstacles. Whenever a puffball is destroyed, a new one grows back within mere seconds. They're called puffballs because of the spore cloud they emit when the fruiting body bursts.

They are based on the real-life puffball genus of the same name.