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Lutra Erecta
  • Scientific Name: Lutra erectra (Two-legged otter);
  • Fact: They walk like a penguin;
  • Location: At the very top of the Lighthouse;
  • Worth: 1000 units;
  • SC Comment: "???!!! A two-legged otter??? Amazing!!"


The Lutra erecta is an extremely rare creature that can only be found at the very top of the Lighthouse shelter. Where it came from and how it got up there is currently unknown and leaves many perplexed. It spends its days and nights walking around in circles.

This creature walks on its two hind legs albeit with a bit of difficulty. Its front paws are underdeveloped and are incredibly short compared to the rest of its body. It has yellow fur, a white belly, some whiskers, a short little nose, a pointed flat tail, and two bulging orange eyes.


  • The Lutra Erecta closely resembles the Lutra sumatrana found on Earth.
  • Erecta is Latin for 'erect' or 'standing'.