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  • Scientific Name: Larus albus (White gull);
  • Fact: The word "albus" means "white" in Latin;
  • Location: The Lighthouse, entrance to the Black Isle mine shaft;
  • Worth: 400 units;
  • SC Comment: "Seagulls. Well done!"


Many groups of white seagulls can be found flying around the Lighthouse shelter during the day. They always travel with other members of their species and rarely fly solo, even for a short while.

These creatures are entirely white, except for their head that has black markings. They have an aerodynamic-shaped and very slim body that gives them more power during flight. Their long wings are perfect for gliding over long distances. They have a persistent and strident cry that they use to scare off intruders on their territory.

They are based on the real-life seagulls that vary in shape and sizes.