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If you are reading this you have been identified as an IRIS agent and have been given access to the Database. The IRIS Database contains every piece of information about Hillys, its inhabitants, its history and the universe that surrounds it. At the moment the Databases are incomplete and that's where you come in. The Governor of Hillys has requested that every IRIS agent should do their best to submit new information and images to the Database to aid agents in their mission of bringing harmony back to Hillys. Your correspondent and mission chief will be a high ranking rebel within IRIS, broadcasting using the temporary ID 'IRISNetwork', with the help of IRIS Administrator ZyLogic, their personal mission is to keep the databases from falling into chaos. The only weapon powerful enough to strike back at our sworn enemies the Alpha Sections, and most importantly, the DomZ, is the truth. So get filing.

Yours Personally.

Wild Boar.