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  • Scientific Name: Ignis ignifera (Burning spark);
  • Fact: It is unknown exactly what kind of animal it is;
  • Location: Ventilation of the Slaughterhouses;
  • Worth: 700 units;
  • SC Comment: (randomized) "Ok, I've added it to my archives."


The spark is a very elusive small creature that can only be found in very hot places, such as the ventilation of the Slaughterhouses. It lives alone in hard to reach places where flames are abundant. It is theorized that, if deprived of a proper heat source for too long, this creature may die.

The Ignis ignifera oddly resembles a red flame. What looks like its four legs are actually small flames that are in no way attached to the body. It has a pointed beak-like mouth and a small dark eye. It stays as still as it can to preserve its body heat. It doesn't appear bothered by Jade's presence or the fact that she shuts off the valve that produces its nourishing heat. When not in contact with fire for a while, its body will slowly turn blue.

It is based on the fire element of the four (often five) classical elements of human philosophy and science.