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  • Scientific Name: Homo sapiens (Modern humanoid)
  • Fact: They are the most common species on Hillys
  • Location: Everywhere, Mainly the pedestrian district of Hillys City
  • Worth: 200 units
  • SC Comment: (randomized) "Okay, I've filed the picture."


The humans of Hillys are the predominant species of the entire planet, and can be found in every corner of the globe. They live with the other forms of humanoids, without discrimination or prejudice towards them.

Most of the humans on the planet have pale skin, but some have tan and darker colored skin (Like the Governor).This hints towards different ethnicities and races within the population. Some residents also seem to hail from a different part of the planet (Or the Universe entirely), most notably the Jamaican Rhino brothers from Mammago Garage and Ming-Tzu the (apparently) Chinese Walrus. Some of the humans have exaggerated physical traits, such as Double H's wide chin.

Although the humans of Hillys have some notable differences, they remain heavily based on the real-life Humans.