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Hillys is a small and peaceful mining planet in System 4 that is mainly covered in water. Due to these geographical circumstances, there are a limited number of inhabited islands, which are presumably leftovers from volcano eruptions and earthquakes that occurred in the past. Hillys is known for its richness of Materia crystals. Due to the mining, the islands are subject to moderately satisfying weather conditions for their inhabitants.


To keep Hillys running, the government decided to construct several windturbines throughout the islands. These were constructed to provide an ecological form of electricity for all inhabitants. Choosing this form of providing electricity guarantees the level of ecology of Hillys.


Endangerment for all species[]

Ever since the planet has only been confirmed to house the limited number of 52 species, the amount of windturbines stationed on Hillys has been exponentially increased.

Science Center[]

Agents contracted by the Science Center are tasked to regularly photograph and update the Hillyan Fauna inventory. Due to these updates, the Science Center is able to examine the evolution of certain species—while still monitoring all species. Recent examinations by the Science Center have shown that new forms of DomZ creatures have started to inhabit Hillys, and are perhaps adapting to the planet's atmosphere.


Hillys is ruled by a Governor, who has a small portion of the Hillyan Army at her disposal. Hillys itself makes up a part of an intergalactic commission.

Alpha Section influence on government[]

Some time before the events of Beyond Good & Evil, the Alpha Section came to Hillys. The Governor did not attempt any kind of protest, thus the Alpha Section kept sending more of their reinforcements. Under suppression, the Hillyan government was told to limit and change a number of laws that protected the citizens of Hillys—these include laws that force citizens to send their personal information, such as income, to the Alpha Section.


For the last couple of years, the economy of Hillys has been on the decline. When the Materia-crystal mines were depleted, they had to be closed down—leaving hundreds of miners workless. The Alpha Sections have forced employees of the old Slaughterhouses out. These people were not given any kind of compensation in return, and in fact, there has not been a reopening date either. Luckily, there are several other economic activities done by the citizens, such as: fishing, producing Nutripils (K-Bups), etc. Because of this: small, independent shops and businesses are very important to the overall economy.

The only known civilized area on the planet is also conveniently named 'Hillys', suggesting this may be the only civilized location on the planet. Going by this logic it also has a very limited population, the only main living areas being Hillys City, and a few other houses around the countryside and hills.

Hillys has an orbiting moon called Selene.


  • In earlier versions of the Beyond Good & Evil, Hillys was named Hyllis.
    • Though a lot of objects, images, non-spoken dialogue-- and even the official website render it as 'Hyllis', this spelling is incorrect as of the final release of the game.