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Hillyan Army Databank mdisk

Hillyan Army database is a M-Disk that can be found in BGE.

It can be found in the Computer Room in the Nutripils Factory.


The M-Disk describes all military equipment and robots used by the Hillyan army, including Alpha Sections.

Regular Army[]

OR (Organic Resources)[]

  • Laser Proof Armor
  • Penetrating Helmet

Alpha Sections (Elite Soldier)[]

  • Laser proof armor
  • T-Hammer
  • Respiratory autonomy

(Weak point in their breathing tank.)

Electric Barriers (380 V)[]

Removable self powered generators for blocking small passages

Cyclopius Unit M39[]

  • Defense Laser (Force 5)
  • Anti-Shock Armor


Keep clear of electric fields

Transport Unit XB-24[]

  • Surveillance
  • Transport small objects
  • Light armor (Invulnerable when glowing.)

Defense mines[]

Protection of aquatic accesses

Surveillance robot[]

  • Perimeter security
  • Defensive shooting
  • Twin gas propulsion

(Attention: weak point on the propulsion tank)

Laser Turret[]

  • Defense laser (force 5)
  • Blind shot

Torpedo Launcher[]

  • Guided torpedoes
  • Inertia coefficient 8

Isobaric case[]

Transport all types of Hillyan organisms in a state of lethargic control.

M5 Laser turrets[]

  • Detect and follow intruders
  • Defense laser (force 5)

Barrier Alarm[]

  • Activate/Deactivate in case of alarm.
  • Inoffensive and ineffective against military armors.

Permanent Barrier[]

Inoffensive and ineffective against military armors.

Surveillance Module[]

  • Rapid securing of a zone
  • Activation with radio authorization

Detection Drone[]

  • Perimeter surveillance
  • Radio connection with torpedo launchers