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  • Scientific Name: Helix rupestris (Curly shelled snail);
  • Fact: The term "helix" means "twisted" or "spiral" in Greek;
  • Location: Black Isle;
  • Worth: 500 units;
  • SC Comment: "Congratulations! Informations on giant snails are difficult to come by..."


The giant snail is a rare invertebrate that can only be found in the lowest corner of the mine shaft on Black Isle. It lives in an abandoned nautilus-like shell and appears to be very timid. It constantly peeks outside of its home for any kind of danger. When the coast is clear, it will spring its head and part of its body out of the shell, although it's only for a very short while.

The physical characteristics of the giant snail are quite peculiar. It has two globulous yellow eyes, a pair of antennae and a red crest atop its head. Its body is long and worm-like.

It is based on the real-life Helix aspersa, more commonly known as the garden snail.