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Pallet game Veteran
Disambiguous - This article is about Francis (character). For information regarding the Akuda Bar, see Akuda Bar.

Francis, a male carcharodon sapiens, claims to be the "Pallet Game Veteran"; he spends most of his time playing the Disc Game located in the Akuda Bar, and is willing to play for credits, as well as his valuable pearls. He considers his pearls: 'His precious...'

In reality, Jade seems to know Francis, since she never introduces herself to him.

The pearls[]

Francis will contact Jade once to announce his second pearl. He sends his message after IRIS 514, is published.


  • Jade can only receive Francis' message if she got his first pearl prior to the publication of IRIS 514.
  • It is unknown how Jade and Francis know each other.
  • He is one out of two known kinds of his species on Hillys.
  • When Jade is not playing, Francis is playing against a CPU.