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For Jade is an mdisk Jade receives from Pey'j shortly before he was abducted in the Nutripils Factory. The mdisk is an testimony by Pey'j revealing Jade's origins and the existence of the Beluga that was used to flee to Hillys. The prime motivation for the creation of the mdisk, was Pey'j desire to inform Jade on these matters, in the event he was no longer able to do so personally. 


... Jade,
you inherited generosity and courage from your parents.
You know, I think about them a lot. We were very close friends.
Twenty years ago we were forced to seperate, because we were all having some major problems with the authorties.
Your parents put you under my care... 
To save your life...
We came to Hillys.
Back then, it was a peaceful planet. I had hoped to raise you there safely.
But the conflict spread. Now, you must know something... If I was able to get here, it was thanks to the "Beluga".
The spaceship that I designed and built with your father...
It still exists... but I haven't exactly finished getting it back in top shape... You'll find the check-up report on my desk.
The "Beluga" is at our place.
You have to enter a code into each of the consoles to open the secret hiding place.
I can't say any more on this mdisk about it, but I hope this will be useful to you if, one day, you have to use the "Beluga".
No matter what happens, good luck, Jade...
Uncle Pey'j.