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Fehn Digler
Reporter for Hillyan News on HTV
“The war, as if you were there!”

Fehn Digler is the naturally bald anchorman of Hillyan News on HTV. His job is to deliver news about the ongoing war with the DomZ to the Hillyans. He sometimes goes on the field himself and records footage with his floating TV cameras. His show also airs on the radio.


Though he is enthusiastic and serious when delivering the news, Fehn can be quite obnoxious off-camera (as seen from his reaction to Pey'j's comment about the Alpha Sections). He's also a reporter, and seems to be living on Hillys with the purpose of following the DomZ war. He's always on the lookout for breaking news.

During aftermaths of DomZ attacks, Fehn accompanies the Alpha Sections to record footage and interviews with those who were saved by the elite military organization. Like the majority of the civilians on Hillys, he too believes that the Alpha Sections are the saviors of the planet. This may be the reason why he cuts Pey'j's interview short as to not give them bad publicity. Nothing else is known about him except for his occupation.


  • "The war has arrived at the gates of Hillys.";
  • "Here on Hillys, war has once again reared its ugly head.";
  • (after Pey'j argues with Fehn) "Hey pops, stay Zen! Don't get your snout bent out of shape.";
  • "Alright boys, that's a wrap! Pack it up..."

Pre-release Newsflashes[]


Fehn- Pre Release.

During the time of the Beyond Good & Evil's release, fake news reports were posted on the website (Redirected to to promote the game. Edited and reworked in-game clips of Fehn Digler (often in his early character model outfit) were used to have him present different aspects of the game in newsflash format. In these clips, the voice actor for Fehn is different than the one in the game. These fake news flashes are currently available on Youtube and are separated in seven segments.


  • Digler also seems to be the reporter on The Hillyan Word email newsflashes.
  • An early character model for Fehn had him wearing a red jacket instead of blue;
  • Every time Fehn Digler appears in the game, his show's introduction jingle plays;
  • He is the very first character to be introduced to players, but ironically only appears twice in the entire game;
    • The second time being at the end of the game when Jade resurrects the abducted Hillyans.
  • In Ubisoft's online Darkroom game, the player attempts to hack into the Hillyan News' database using Fehn Digler's username and password.