Lighthouse Orphan
Capra sapiens

Fehn, a male capra sapiens, is among the six orphans at the lighthouse. As seen in the opening to the game he enjoys doing yoga with Jade. Fehn has aspirations to become part of the Alpha Section and he seems to often play pretending to be a knight.

Relationships Edit

Jade Edit

In the beginning, Fehn looked at Jade while she was in a trance, and he sat down beside her. He looked at the Hillyan sunrise like Jade always did before she began to meditate. Fehn looked at the movements Jade made with her arms, he closed his eyes, and he tried to imitate her. It took him some time to move his arms just like Jade did, and he had to open his eyes and peek to see how he should do it. Why can't she just do the same exercise like last time? Fehn thought. I'll never be able to learn this thing if she keeps changing the exercises. Fehn was under the impression, that if he did the meditation exercises like Jade, that he would be able to see what she saw, visit her imaginary world and see the things from her stories. He hadn't succeeded yet, but he was determined to do so. But so far he didn't see anything except for the same darkness he usually saw when he closed his eyes. But at least it's kinda fun! Fehn thought to himself as he raised his arms for the umpteenth time. Fehn could still feel all the energy he had that morning, but he seemed to calm down a bit. Maybe it's finally working! All sound around him began to fade away, the wind was gone, and Fehn just continued to do the exercise. This was it! He knew it! Finally he was going to see Jade's wonderful dream world and the knights and dragons and all the other stuff she told them about in her stories! The ground began to disappear beneath Fehn, and Fehn wasn't expecting that at all. The unexpected things that were happening to him all of the sudden frightened poor Fehn so much he had to open his eyes. The happy feeling was gone, he no longer felt victorious about his breakthrough in meditation.