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  • Scientific Name: Dipneustes trilineatus (Lined dipnoi);
  • Fact: Because of its brown color, it is difficult to spot;
  • Location: In the hangar at the Lighthouse;
  • Worth: 400 units;
  • SC Comment: "A live dipnoi!! Impossible!!"


The dipnoi is a rare fish that only appears at the docking pier inside Jade and Pey'j's hangar. This creature has a very long tail and a body reminiscent of the salamander. It can camouflage itself within the underwater landscape, especially near rocks, thanks to its brown color. It also has the particularity of having lungs, which permit him to breath air.

According to the Science Center, live dipnoi are so extremely rare that they were thought to be near extinct.

This creature is based on the real-life fish of the same name, also known as the lungfish or salamanderfish.