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The daï-jo is Jade's primary weapon. It is an advanced form of the Japanese jo staff (dai jo means great staff). It retracts to about half its length for storage. It can channel some form of energy, empowering its strikes after a moment's charge. Jade receives the daï-jo from Pey'j after the sarcophagi invade the Lighthouse Shelter. She uses it to take out the DomZ monster and continues to use it for the rest of the game.

Because of her expertise in martial arts, Jade can use this staff to its full potential and execute combos. During battle, Jade can focus her energy on the Daï-jo to perform a "super-attack". When it begins to glow pink, she can release that energy, leaping and swirling into the air, and damage all enemies nearby. If Jade buys the super-attack enhancer item from Ming-Tzu's shop, she will be able to shoot projectiles during the aerial phase of her super-attack.


When paired with Pey'j or Double H, Jade can execute another combo attack. All she has to do is command her companion to execute a ground pound, which will launch enemies into the air. Jade can then use her Daï-jo to slow down time, aim, and thrust foes in a certain direction. This is very useful for getting rid of electronic contraptions by knocking them into electrical gates.

Whenever Jade gets close to an enemy, she will automatically wield her Daï-jo. When she's not using it, she straps it to her back.