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Ancient extinct bio-engineered Cyclops
  • Scientific name: Cyclopeus palustris (Swamp cyclops);
  • Fact: It is the most rewarding creature to photograph;
  • Location: Only one in the Nutripils factory;
  • Worth: 3500 units;
  • SC Comment: "This monster has been extinct for thousands of years!!"


The Reaper, as it is called by local residents, is an ancient beast native to Hillys controlled by the DomZ. It was trained to prowl the Nutripils factory and attack intruders. It leaves green glowing claw marks and footprints wherever it goes, even on metal. According to the Science Center, it has been extinct for many millennia, which may mean that the DomZ used their bio-engineering to either resuscitate or recreate one.

Like its name suggests, the Cyclopeus palustris is a one-eyed green creature with a bulky humanoid shape. It approximately stands twice as tall as a regular human adult. It has two toes on each feet and three claws on each hand. It doesn't have any teeth, except for the two fangs in its lower jaw. It seems to have a big appetite since it is seen nibbling on Pey'j's head. It has a pearl embedded in its face like an eye. This "eye" is not naturally present in the reaper's biological structure since it doesn't have it before encountering Jade (proven by Double H's photo) and loses it after being defeated. However, there is no proof that reapers actually had no eye back when they still roamed Hillys. It's possible that the DomZ removed the creature's natural eye and replaced it with a pearl to give it more power. Because it likes to live in moist and swampy areas, it has developed a repulsive smell that can be seen as a little trail of green mist following it around.

The Cyclopeus attacks in many different ways. It will first stomp the ground and swipe the air if Jade gets too close. During this time, it will also protect itself by setting down little pools of glowing acid. It can surprisingly jump to great heights and onto higher platforms from which it spouts rows of green acid balls from its mouth. Then, it will jump off and try to stomp onto Jade. Just like the DomZ, its weak spot is its eye. Once defeated, its body falls in the factory's sewage system and remains there, leaving Jade free to take its pearl.


  • This creature is based on the Greek mythological Cyclops.