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  • Scientific Name: Cyanea urtica (Stinging jellyfish);
  • Fact: They can live in open air just as well as in water;
  • Location: Ancient mines on Black Isle, Vorax's lair;
  • Worth: 700 units;
  • SC Comment: "Aaah these little medusas. Light amongst shadows..."


The stinging jellyfish (or jelly) is a creature only found in the deepest parts of the Black Isle mines and the vorax lair. Its transparent skin is bright blue and fluorescent. It always moves within a group of at least three or four of its own kind. The recent emergence of mutant jellies suggests that some of them have gone through a transformation of some sort, though the actual cause of it is undetermined (the DomZ influence is the most probable theory).

These jellyfish are rather aggressive and will attack anything that attempts to cross their territory. They move slowly and are extremely vulnerable to physical attacks. They can only defend themselves by electrocuting their enemies, though the charge isn't high enough to cause significant damage. Pey'j receives this kind of treatment and, aside from being dazed for a few seconds and turning a bit red-faced, isn't greatly affected by the experience.

They are obviously based on the real-life common jellyfish.