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Crochax Velox
  • Scientific Name: Crochax velox (Swift crochax);
  • Fact: The are related to the vorax;
  • Location: All over Hillys, mainly Vorax's lair or Volcano's Treasure;
  • Worth: 1000 units;
  • SC Comment: "???!!! Crochax!!! Don't go near them whatever you do!"


The crochax are vicious giant insects that prey on any living creature, even humans. They can be found pretty much anywhere on Hillys, and are first encountered on Black Isle. They are known to have underground hives all over the planet, the biggest one found in the crater of the volcano island.

Like their name implies, the crochax are swift creatures that usually attack in groups of two or three, though the entire colony can swarm upon those who trespass their territory. When they attack, they open their four mandible claws to reveal their fanged mouth. A faint purple light starts to glow in their jaw until they lunge at their prey and bite.


  • The are related to the vorax;
  • They resemble overgrown brown dragonflies with four spider-like claws enclosing their mouth found on Earth. They have six legs, two pairs of wings and no eyes.
  • They are sometimes reffered to as pearl crochax due to their attraction to pearls.
  • The name "crochax" could be based on the Marquis Chax (also spelled "Shax"), a stork demon said to have been sealed by King Solomon.