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Shell game

Objective of the game[]

The game is very similar to real life Thimblerig (or Shell Game). The point of the game is to keep a careful eye on one of the three shells the ball was placed under, Peepers will shift the cups around and try to throw the player off guard by attempting to pull of some tricky shift maneuvers. Once he stops the player must guess which shell the ball is under, if the player wins they earn double their bet. The higher the bet, the faster Peepers will shift around the shells, making it harder to keep track of the correct shell.


50 Units- Peepers will move at minimum speed, if the player wins they walk away with 100 units.

100 Units- Peepers will move faster, if the player wins they walk away with 200 units.

200 Units- Peepers will move at maximum speed, if the player wins they walk away with 400 units.

IRIS Password- If the player says the IRIS passcode to Peepers, he will reply oddly, and move the shells at minimum speed, if the player wins, Peepers reveals a ticket under the shell, which has the code to the room that contains the secret IRIS HQ.


  • Whilst acting as an innocent gambler, Peepers actually acts as a bouncer for the IRIS Network, guarding the secret entrance from non-IRIS members, and only letting those who know the passcode in.
  • If the player plays high bets and wins multiple times, and then attempts to play again, Peepers will say 'You're too good for me pumpkin... I'm gonna lose my shirt... Minimum bet for the next two days, so i have to time to get back on my feet" the player then can then only bet 50 units for 2 in-game days.