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This article is a list of species Jade can photograph in exchange for Units (The currency of the game) for the Science Center. These species mostly reside on Hillys, aside from one exception of the Whale-like species that lives in space near Selene, the planet's moon.

There are a total of 56 species to photograph: 9 humanoid species; 43 animal species; and 4 DomZ species.

Regular Hillys Creatures[]

There are two types of species that exist within the specimens of Hillys. The distinction between them is that one represents the sapient humanoid species, including Humans and Hybrids. The other represents the wild animals.

Sentient species[]

Animal Species[]

DomZ Creatures[]

Even though these species are not naturally born or live on the planet, and only make their way to Hillys via wormhole (excluding the Pterolimax), they are still needed to complete the list of 'all species living on the Planet'.

Unregistered Species[]

These species are present in Beyond Good and Evil but are not needed to complete a full list of all the species living on the planet. This is either due to a mistake/overlooking by Ubisoft or it was intentional to leave these species out.


  • According to the Governor, this is the complete list of all the species living on Hillys, however there are more, such as the Cow (regular cow), which is only seen as corpses inside the Nutripils Factory, but cannot be photographed as a species, and is not needed to complete the list.
  • Even though the Governor states it is a list of all species living on Hillys, one species, the Space Whale, does not, and infact flies and lives in space. Also, Hillys is not the home world of the DomZ, who only make their way into hillys via wormholes and as such do not 'live' on Hillys. To add to the irony, some DomZ species cannot be photographed at all, and do not count to the list, such as the Spirit Eater and the High Priest.
  • Although the term 'Hybrid' has so far been used extensively for human-animal species in promotional material and news for Beyond Good and Evil 2, suggesting it is used widely in System 3, it is not used at all that we know of on Hillys in the original Beyond Good and Evil.

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