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  • Scientific Name: Carcharodon sapiens (Shark humanoid);
  • Fact: Though part of a man-eating species, they live alongside humans;
  • Location: Only two at the Akuda Bar;
  • Worth: 400 units;
  • SC Comment: (randomized) "OK, I'll file it..."


The Carcharodon sapiens are humanoids that live alongside the Hillyans. Since Rufus and Francis are the only two specimens seen on Hillys, it is unclear if they are actually native to the planet. There is also a smaller, probably younger, shark humanoid in the group of protesters that gathers after Jade's broadcast from the moon.

The species is composed of shark-like humanoids that, oddly, can survive in open air. They have gray skin, black eyes, a long pointed snout, gill openings on their neck, no tail, and three fingers on each hand instead of five. They also have very sharp teeth that stick out of their mouth. They're larger and taller than a regular human adult. They appear to be a very competitive race, though it's possible this only applies to the known individuals.

They are based on the real-life great white shark of the same genus.