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  • Scientific Name: Capra sapiens (Goat humanoid);
  • Fact: Though not specifically rare, they're not seen often;
  • Location: The Lighthouse, the first room in the Akuda Bar;
  • Worth: 350 units;
  • SC Comment: (randomized) "Perfect. I'll date and file it..."


The Capra sapiens are equal to humans and live alongside them on Hillys. Not many of them are actually seen in the game aside from Fehn, Oumi and a third adult goat humanoid moping at the Akuda Bar.

Like their name indicates, they are almost identical to humans. They stand on their hind legs, have black wide eyes, broad and flat noses, and no hooves. The horns on the top of their heads vary in size depending on their age; the older they are, the bigger their horns get. Their fur is usually a pale color, though other hues may exist. They stand approximately the same height as a human adult.

They are obviously based on the real-life goat species of the Capra genus.