• Nmhk


    November 18, 2018 by Nmhk

    Pretty excited for BGE2.

    I played through BGE and reminded myself it's incomplete and instead of an HD version, they should have released a 1.5 version with their completed story and a hundred million more hours of play-time/story. But 2 looks intense (if only because of the way the trailers were edited). I'm interested in knowing how character customization affects gameplay and story.

    I've got a secret to share between just the two of us, you and I: I don't have a PS4 and am not really intent on getting it for PC because I run Linux. I tried running the original PC version and it was terrible. Had to get a PS2 iso and emulate it. Much better, but no way to twitch-stream it because of the way the video buffers shared data. Terrible!

    Anyway, …

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  • Ban.Ahmad

    I am not an option

    September 30, 2018 by Ban.Ahmad

    Message to every woman all over the world. 

    You are worth it.

    You are unique.

    You are a diamond.

    You are not an option.

    I am not an option

    I am not a back up plan

    I am not allowable to be edited

    I am the best version of me.

    I am who I am

    Proud of flaws.. wrinkles.

    See me insane.. Complicated.. Abnormal..

    Walk away.. Or get closer.. It is up to you.

    Accept me or don't.

    But don't even dare thinking I would shake.

    I see perfections in my imperfections.

    Call me overbearing!

    If you can't handle me. I am quite sure the door is widely opened allowing you to leave.

    Oh.. But stop giving yourself noble names, because as I know nobility is not a word or two.

    It is an attitude.. It is a series of manners.

    Please learn how to be a noble, if you simply lack knowledge.

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  • IRISNetwork


    June 7, 2018 by IRISNetwork

    We work together as one.

    Go back in time and tell the kid sitting in his living room, playing his Uncle's new playstation game, that he bought on a whim, that for the next 15 years, this experience you are having right now, will define a good portion of who you are, the values that you hold, the stories that you eventually wish to tell. For 15 years you will champion this game and this world and these characters, you will champion it's right to continue, for this world to live, and for these characters stories to be told.

    He'd probably say 'Get out of the way, i'm taking a picure of this pig man.'.

    Beyond Good & Evil has been a part of me for as long as I can remember, it's the game that inspired me to make games and tell stories. For the lon…

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  • IRISNetwork

    SMP Report live stream!

    December 6, 2017 by IRISNetwork

    "The first SMP Report live stream! Find out what the Space Monkeys and dev team have been up to..."


    December 7th, 6 PM CET

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  • IRISNetwork

    Hello everyone!

    Just wanted to post a quick announcment that we have a new agent joining our ranks, SuperBiscotCOT, who is the moderator of the french Beyond Good and Evil forums, has been made admin!

    He will be helping us keep up to date with all announcments and news that seem to be snowballing their way to the fans! As well as helping us with english-french translation where he can :)

    Please welcome him with big open arms!


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  • IRISNetwork

    Hello IRIS Network.

    I want to emulate Michel Ancel's words when I say congratulations and thank you to everybody who has waited patiently for this game. 

    I may have more words soon but right now I am speechless. We are going to have our work cut out for us soon guys, it's all hands on deck.

    Here we go.


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  • IRISNetwork

    Well, ambiguous and fictional question asker, i'll tell you!

    This blog post will just be about me venting about what i've been up to, why i've not been around these parts in a long while, and possibly a bit about the future.

    I've been quiet lately when it comes to this wiki, for... probably about a year, or more? 2 years?

    I've not forgot about BGE, by any means, i've recently decided to pick it up again, especially since you can now play the HD version on Xbox One! Happy days!

    I know there have been tidbits of Beyond Good and Evil related news here and there, but i've been so busy with Uni, personal life, other hobbies, and such, that i've just been enjoying reading these bits of news whenever I come across them, as a curious fan, rather than …

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  • Hamosh86

    What is gaming?

    March 23, 2015 by Hamosh86

    This was a rather long blogpost about the lack of interesting games that came out in 2014.

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  • ZyLogic

    A WiLD announcement

    Over the past week it has come to our attention that Michel Ancel started a new studio named "Wild Sheep Studios" within the confines of Ubisoft Montpellier. At Gamescom 2014 during the Sony media briefing, Michel Ancel came on stage to announce the studio's debut title "WiLD". An open-world game in which you can be any living creature.

    "When we started working on WiLD we wanted to make sure that we would have fun playing our own game even after months and months of development! This is the reason why the world of WiLD is the size of Europe, with dynamic weather and seasons, and filled with interactive opportunities that feel endless. Every time you play you’ll discover new things, even in the same place as before. But… t…

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  • ZyLogic

    Greetings IRIS operatives,

    Unfortunately, Beyond Good & Evil 2 was not shown this year at E3. Yet hope remains if we stand together. 

    Recently, I ,and several other people around the network, have stumbled upon a way to rip various data from Beyond Good & Evil that could further increase the quality of our contents on our database. These include sound files and textures that otherwise would be problematic to capture by conventional means. However, I also, as of late, have been very occupied with the vast amount of beta elements that were shown of Beyond Good & Evil prior to its release in november of 2003. As of late, we thought these beta elements were lost and never to be found in the game. This however, has been proven wrong by various so…

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  • TheBlueRogue

    Greetings Beyond Good and Evil Community,

    Wikia is excited to announce our E3 2014 coverage. All week long, Wikia and several Wikia Stars will be representing you the fans at the most exciting video game show in the world. We want to include you every step of the way, starting with bringing your fan questions to the show along with us. What are you excited to see most at E3? If we get a chance to speak to the developers and publishers of your favorite games, what do you want us to ask them? We can't promise we will be able to ask all of your questions, but we will do our best to get you heard by the creators themselves. Let us know your questions in the comments below and be sure to let us know what you want to see most at this year's E3.


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  • ZyLogic

    The full livestream (along with the real-time chat) was captured by RPC-community member OldClassicGamer, and was uploaded to YouTube. If you, for whatever reason, missed the livestream, you can watch it here: (the real stream starts at 1:31:00 into the video)

    If you are, however, only interested in the most important parts concerning Beyond Good & Evil, you can watch this video:

    Ubisoft's official twitter feed just announced that Ubisoft's Michel Ancel and the team over at Ubisoft Montpellier will be hosting an Q&A livestream session on tomorrow afternoon (March 14, 2014) starting from 5:30 pm till 7:30 pm (central european time).

    Although it seems like the Q&A session will primarily focus on Rayman, let's hope it will go further t…

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  • IRISNetwork

    Project Green 2014

    March 10, 2014 by IRISNetwork

    Hey Hillyans,

    Do you consider yourself not just an IRIS Agent, but something of an IRIS Artist? Well it's that time of the year again over at the BGE Club on Deviant Art, all through March you can submit your BGE related Art and creative works to the BGE Club to take part in a contest not only available to BGE Club members but anyone who has signed up to Deviant Art (although we highly suggest all budding Artists to join the club).

    Jmk1999, the founder of BGE Club, can fill you in with the details on his blog post once you head over there (the link is below and on our homepage!), but you can submit your creative works and the best of the best will be voted on, and the winner will recieve Deviant Art points (which you can donate to if you are…

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  • ZyLogic

    Loyal Hillyans,

    The first blog of 2014 is here, and we start off with some very interesting news surrounding the the long-awaited sequel to Beyond Good & Evil.

    Michel Ancel, the mind behind Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil talked about Beyond Good & Evil 2 yet again in an interview with Edge Online. It seems like he is finally granted the time (and resources) to fulfill his long-term ambition known as Beyond Good & Evil 2.

    He mainly talked about what the gaming industry lacks at this moment; that being moments that stay with people forever ("No, I am your father", "1.21 Gigawatts?!", "You're gonna need a bigger boat", "What do they have in there, King Kong?")... something games, at large, have not achieved lately.

    "I think there are some very mem…
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  • ZyLogic

    This year marked the year in which Beyond Good & Evil celebrated its tenth anniversary, multiple indications and hints to its sequel, and the wiki partnering with multiple websites, including well-established Beyond Good & Evil fansites such as BGE Revolution and BGEMyth. We, ofcourse, are delighted to see their willingness to join arms, in our cause to create a community and descriptive encyclopedia that the little blue planet truly deserves.

    This year began as a prosperous year for the wiki, but of course, the governor of Hillys knows when its people start disbelieving. Before the Alpha Section fled from our planet, the people of Hillys were affected by its propaganda, following the reluctance of the Hillyans. Therefore, we have to keep c…

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  • IRISNetwork

    Partners in Crime!

    December 1, 2013 by IRISNetwork

    Hello Agents,

    After at least a year of fruitless endeavours attempting to contact the elusive Nimitz3d, founder of the BG&E Myth, our Admin ZyLogic happened to strike up a conversation with him during a Twitch stream, and low and behold he finally found our little ever-growing database in the corner of the internet and contacted us.

    Myself and Nimitz have come to a friendly arrangement, and now I can announce that the IRIS Network and BG&E Myth are officially Affiliates! Seeing as BG&E Myth are able to get Beyond Good and Evil news considerably faster that any other source out there, with Nimitz's permission we have been allowed to reference their articles when News is announced, and get it posted here on the Wiki for you guys, alternatively…

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  • ZyLogic

    Loyal Hillyans,

    Today marks the day that 10 years ago, the DomZ-invasion was stopped, and conspiring of the subversives of the enemy Alpha Section were unmasked and unravelled by certain noble and courageous Hillyans from casting terror on our humble, blue planet in system 4 known as Hillys. Hillys being, afterall, full of strange creatures beyond count... we must be of little importance to the rest of the world.

    Thanks to Shauni, and a lot of other members of the IRIS Network, and of course our beloved Governor, whose real names are still unknown to this day, we were prevented a certain catastrophe of immense magnitude (almost like that one time that a huge statue on the Selene was able to take us over). If it wasn't for them, we would all b…

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  • IRISNetwork

    Rayman Pirate-Community

    September 18, 2013 by IRISNetwork

    The IRIS Network is happy to announce that we have partenered up with the Revolutionaries of the Rayman World, Rayman Pirate-Community! The biggest Rayman community on the seven seas of the interwebs!

    As most of you know before Michel Ancel (the creator of our beloved Beyond Good and Evil) actually created Beyond Good and Evil, he created Rayman, and Rayman 2... and Rayman M. He then went on to create Rayman 3 roughly around the same time as BGE, and follow it up with the first Raving Rabbid game, which wasn't all that bad, but then made the decision to follow it up with a quality-debatable Rabbid series. He finally then went to on to make the brilliant Rayman Origins, and has just finished Rayman Legends. Rayman has spawned spin-offs, adap…

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  • IRISNetwork

    Hello Agents,

    The Wiki hasn't had any news or a blog for a while, and its also the anniversary of a very sad moment in Human history.

    So I thought today is as good as any to give the Wiki a bit of a redesign in certain areas and update you guys with what's new, because despite the efforts of all the evil people in the world, we can't let them deter the progress of the modern world, or they've already won.

    Today I updated the site with some new graphics and designs, including the Wiki Bar at the top of the page, and the Navigation Bar, I put all my effort into creating them and I think the final product looks pretty nice, however i'm not sure if they have worked out properly on other computers, i'll need some third-person confirmation. As alwa…

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  • IRISNetwork

    Michel Ancel has told Eurogamer that development on Rayman Legends (which was delayed due to Ubisoft's decision to port to other consoles other than just the Wii U) has ended and he has expressed interest in returning back to developing Beyond Good and Evil 2.

    Michel Ancel had this to say to on the subject:

    "We need to build the team and retrieve the elements that we worked on" On the subject of an offical announcment Ancel stated he didn't want to say, as the development time for BGE2 could differ "I don't want to say things in terms of time that will make people disappointed - it will really depend on the speed that we will make things for that game."

    "We've made a lot of things already. Now we need to put them together and make that game. …

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  • ZyLogic

    So after all these years of talking about Beyond Good & Evil 2 being on next-gen consoles (Xbox One aka "The One" and the PlayStation®4), its developer, Ubisoft Montpellier, had something interesting to say about Beyond Good & Evil 2 on current gen consoles. In an interview with Michel Ancel, the creative mind behind franchises such as Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil, he said the following

    "I think, on current gen consoles, Beyond Good & Evil 2 was possible, but it’d be painful. It’s always possible to do anything on any kind of console, but sometimes you need to spend your energy not doing optimization or things like that. Now that we have the new consoles around the corner we’re working on them. We’re trying to see how we can get the power o…
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  • IRISNetwork

    At E3 2013 Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, has remarked on the image of Pey'J that was published not too long before E3 on Ubisoft's Facebook page, causing much speculation betweens the community that the long awaited Beyond Good and Evil 2 was something Ubisoft was ready to 'offically' announce and showcase. Yves Guillemot has stated that the image was simply of a "classic character" and "wasn't meant to be a tease".

    "It was just part of our promotion in the run-up to E3," Guillemot said in an interveiw with VentureBeat "homaging some of the characters from our past.

    "I think that was maybe misinterpreted. I think the first game was exceptional, and people remember the experience they had, so they would like to see it again.

    "We had a period…

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  • ZyLogic

    Ubisoft might have hinted at a possible Beyond Good & Evil 2 announcement on this year's e3 press coverage. The company has uploaded an image on their official facebook-page portraying Pey'j with his infamous: "Good thing I'm here, otherwhise this whole place would fall apart" quote several hours before Ubisoft's conference.

    Ubisoft also added the following description to the image:

    We’re a bit busy prepping for E3. Time to call in some reinforcements. (Points if you remember this classic character!)

    Could this be the 'new title in an existing franchise' that I talked about several weeks ago?

    it is very likely that we finally get to see Beyond Good & Evil 2 again, since an French website claims that Rayman Legends is virtually ready and is just…

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  • ZyLogic

    So it seems like Ubisoft at last unveiled their emotions and thoughts on the next-generation of consoles -- two of those, the playstation 4 and the sucessor to the xbox 360 will ship later this year.

    Ubisoft believes that the arrival of the new systems will lead to record sales for the industry (Assassin's Creed for instance, which went downhill after 2 if I'm honest). Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot expressed that: "Gamers want to express themselves without being limited, that each individual is creative and tries to add value. People want to play in their own way, they want to define to their own experiences and most of all like to share."

    Now that that mumbo-jumbo is done... let's talk about some more urgent matters.

    In addition to this article…

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  • ZyLogic

    Earlier this month, reports suggested by various sources stated that the development for Beyond Good & Evil 2 on the Wii U was cancelled. I already said that this was probably an Wii U-port of the original Beyond Good & Evil that was 'axed'.

    With the announcement of the successor of the PlayStation®3, conveniently named: PlayStation®4, last wednesday, a fair amount of companies have stated at the event, that they are working on a title for Sony's new console.

    What does that have to do with Beyond Good & Evil? Well apparently, Ubisoft's own Yves Guillemot was at the event. In an interview with Kotaku, when asked about Beyond Good & Evil 2, he had the following to say:

    It's coming," 

    "I don't give comments any more on BG&E2," he continued, "beca…

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  • IRISNetwork

    Today, on the site Nintendo Enthusiast, it was said that a game, with the description of being 'the sequel to a commercial flop', but 'built up a fanbase' has been axed, here is direct quote from the page itself:

    "However, we had a staff member at DICE and he heard about a game cancellation on Wii U and after putting the pieces together we’re fairly confident that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is the game that fits the description. The game was a sequel to a game that flopped commercially but built up a fanbase over time. It was in development for Wii U and the hope was to “up-port” it to future consoles for launch but things looked risky from the business end.

    The two reasons given for the cancellation of the project were:

    1) Sales of Wii U were too…

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  • ZyLogic

    Oh, the irony and despair of videogame news websites these days-- only caring for the highest amount of viewers by allegedly fake news.

    Several websites have stated that the, the infamous online game retailer, has listed Beyond Good & Evil 2 for pre-order as of last Thursday, along with the release date of the game set on March 22, 2014. The following is a screen capture directly from their website.

    Designed by Michel Ancel and his acclaimed design team at Ubisoft, this is a sequel to the beloved adventure game, Beyond Good & Evil.

    The game has not yet, however, been officially announced under the title "Beyond Good & Evil 2" it is instead referred to simply as "Next Michel Ancel Project" after its creator, it it might possibly have…

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  • IRISNetwork

    Thoughtful Reflections

    December 17, 2012 by IRISNetwork

    This year hasn't been a paticulary busy year for the IRIS Network, but it has been a fulfilling one.

    We have aquired a new Admin, ZyLogic, who has been an absolute blast to work with.

    The wiki reach over 160 pages, that's more pages than any other BGE wiki out there.

    We aquired the URL, making us, by name, the official wiki of BGE.

    The rival wiki has been taken down and the URL now redirects here, putting us on top of google.

    Now, i realise we don't have the biggest wiki community yet, and without a community, there is only so much a few editors can do, but i am extremely happy with the progress we have made, and am looking forward to next year, and what we can accomplish once we get th…

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  • IRISNetwork

    It is my personal congratualtions to Admin ZyLogic, for requesting our wiki to be promoted on the Wiki home page and succeeding!

    The wiki is now one of the many top wiki's that are randomly promoted on the front page, and can be found when using the 'remix' button a few times.

    We are also the first Beyond Good and Evil wiki to appear when 'Beyond Good and Evil' is searched, however it isn't the first on internet search engines like Google, thats the next step!

    We need to rise! The people need to know! Veritas! Virtus! Libertas!

    Keep filing, Agents


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  • ZyLogic


    Priority message from chief

    Start decrypting protocol: level: defcon 1 - priority: critical Subject: Hillyan revolution

    From: CC: Hillyan database users To: CastellacImposter@akudabar.cow

    -start triangulation tracker Location tracked... receiving info.... pending...... succesful Intel decrypted

    Fellow supporters of spoonerism,

    So a few days ago, I took the liberty to promote our wiki by typing a introduction and adding some pictures to the promotion application of wikia.

    I am happy to announce that the IRIS Network - The Beyond Good & Evil wiki has made the frontpage of

    However, the wiki's on the frontpage are randomly generated, but eventually, you will come across the wik…

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  • ZyLogic

    Can you believe that in around a year from now Beyond God & Evil will be celebrating its tenth anniversary? Time really does fly by!

    Ubisoft first teased a sequel, Beyond Good & Evil 2, over four years ago. We haven’t heard much about it since then.

    It shouldn’t come as a shock that creator Michel Ancel franchise’s creator still has nothing to say about the project. He was asked for any sort of update in this month’s Nintendo Power, but Ancel was only able to reply with the following:

    “[Laughs] I think the Wii U GamePad could be used nicely as a camera… [Laughs] No, to be honest, I’m really focused on Rayman Legends right now. I’m surprised how much of our energy it’s taking because I expected it to be an easier game to make. But because of t…

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  • ZyLogic

    This is an English translated script. The original script was in French, and contemplated the original script for Beyond Good & Evil, before the Ubisoft decided that it had to be changed.

    The original version can be found at


    Hyllis, a small planet in a corner of the universe. A secret meeting of rebel organization SPOON: “We have lost so many of our members in these last few missions. We haven’t heard from Double H since yesterday, when he went to investigate the Nutripills Factory. The Alpha Sections have taken many. We need to find new volunteers…” A member speaks up. “I think I have an idea; I know someone who might join us…”

    The night is black, with lightning an…

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  • ZyLogic

    Loyal Hillyans,

    'Michel Ancel, the man that was responsible for Beyond Good & Evil, expects to work on on-hold ''''projects, like Beyond Good & Evil 2 in the coming time. Michel Ancel stated this during the Ubisoft Digital Days in Paris in front of the camera of

    "The project was actually put on hold; We never intended to work so much on Rayman", as Michel Ancel explained in the interview with Tweakers, of which a fragment can be viewed here. The lead designer behind Rayman says that the time has come to go back to 'such projects', however, it was an interesting experience to develop a game for the Nintendo Wii U, which may yet explain the next-gen delay for Beyond Good & Evil 2 (If that is still anything to go by).

    In another inte…

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  • IRISNetwork

    Welcome to the page of IRISNetwork, the founder and aministrator of the IRIS Network- The Beyond Good & Evil wiki. Along with the help of user and admin, ZyLogic, we plan on gaining the trust of the community and grow in popularity, so more members will join and help fight the good fight.

    The wiki was created because all the others dedicated to this wonderful game were extremely mediocre, and we plan on creating a wiki that will get bigger and better and hopefull will soon be acknowledged by Ubisoft themselves.

    If all goes to plan, then the popularity of this wiki would show Ubisoft that a BGE trilogy is something the fans want and are willing to much so much effort into themselves, v…

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