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Some articles contain spoilers. A spoiler is a piece of information about a narrative work (such as a book, feature film, television show or video game) that may reduce your enjoyment of it by revealing certain plot events or twists. If you haven't read, watched or played the material to which the warning refers, you might want to do so before reading the spoiler in the article.

Not all visitors will recognize the site as an encyclopedia, which should strive first to inform, spoilers or not. The article should also contain analyses and background detail not available—or at least, not obvious—in the work being critiqued. Where this is the case, a spoiler notice should be made prominent as a simple courtesy.

  • Do not put spoilers in section headers, unless the spoiler warning is before the table of contents.
  • Do not put spoilers in edit summaries.
  • Do not link from another article to a section inside the spoiler area.

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