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  • Scientific Name: Aurelia magnificens (Magnificent jellyfish);
  • Fact: It can easily be mistaken for a plant;
  • Location: The entrance to the Volcano's Treasure;
  • Worth: 500 units;
  • SC Comment: (randomized) "Transmission received... I'll file it right away."


The Aurelia magnificens is an elusive animal that can only be found in the Volcano's Treasure cave at the very top of the crater only accessible with a flying airship. The specimen found at the cave's entrance is the only one seen in the entire game. It bears a close resemblance to its cousin, the electric jellyfish.

This jelly is a translucent blue, which makes it possible to see inside its body. It laches onto the cave walls in order to suck the minerals it needs for its development and to camouflage itself from predators. It remains completely still at all times, even when Jade approaches it.

It is probably based on the real-life Aurelia aurita, a common species of jellyfish.