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  • Scientific Name: Aquilus sapiens (Bird humanoid);
  • Fact: The term "aquilon" means "northern wind" in Latin;
  • Location: Only one at the pedestrian district of Hillys City;
  • Worth: 300 units;
  • SC Comment: (randomized) "Ok, I've added it to my archives."


Because Aquilus sapiens are so rare on Hillys, it is difficult to determine if they are actually native to the planet. The only one encountered in the game holds a news stand in the pedestrian district of the city.

Bird humanoids, like their name states, are fashioned after birds and can probably come in different shapes, sizes and colors. The one in Hillys City has a very large and thick beak, which may indicate that it's a predatory bird. It is also covered in white plumage and has strands of brown feathers attached like a ponytail on top of its head. It has five fingers on each hand like regular humans.

The only Aquilus specimen seen in the game is probably based on the real-life eagle.