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  • Scientific Name: Anemonia mutabilis (Mutant anemone)

    A closeup of a mutant anemone

  • Fact: The term "mutabilis" defines things that can change or mutate;
  • Location: The ancient mines of Black Isle;
  • Worth: 500 units;
  • SC Comment: "Be careful with those mutant anemones!!"


The Anemonia mutabilis is a giant anemone species that thrives in several corners of Black Isle's mine shaft. They are so big, in fact, that they often block Jade's path during her exploration. The only way to open up a passage is to hit them repeatedly until their tendrils (that can cause damage on contact) shrink to a more manageable size. While doing so, these creatures will spew bubbles and a few materia crystals.

These anemones have a purple and plump column shaped body. Several white tendrils come out from their mouth to catch prey. The Science Center states that they are mutated, possibly from the Alicia splendens species (though it is never specified how or why).

They are probably based on the real-life Aiptasia mutabilis which is also an anemone.