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  • Scientific Name: Amoeba saltans (Bacteria protozoan);
  • Fact: They feed on bacteria, hence their name;
  • Location: In the Slaughterhouses' central hall;
  • Worth: 500 units;
  • SC Comment: (randomized) "Ok, I've added it to my archives."


The bacteria amoeba is a creature that loves humid and moist areas. The only one found in the game hides inside a green console marked by the number "35" inside the Slaughterhouses, in the central hall (right after riding the trolley). In order to lure it out, Jade must command Double H to press a button on the console while she waits with her camera. Two valves will open at the top of the machine and release steam. At this moment, the amoeba will quickly jump from one valve to the other. This can be done repeatedly.

This creature is a bean-shaped organism that mainly consists of green protoplasm. It can appear to be hairy because of thread-like appendages (also called flagella), though this is not the case. It has the ability to jump thanks to its four longer flagella at the tip of its body. It's approximately the size of a human adult's head.

It is probably based on the real-life Bodo saltans, an amoeba species with very similar characteristics.