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  • Scientific Name: Amoeba polypodia (Dividing protozoan);
    Amoeba Polypodia
  • Location: In a small corner of Black Isle;
  • Worth: 750 units;
  • SC Comment: "A polypody amoeba?!! My compliments."


The polypody amoeba is a peculiar animal that can only be found in a very small corner of Black Isle. This creature has the capacity to extend its body into multiple pods, complete with separate sense organs. If anything gets too close to it, the amoeba's visible pod will shrink away while the second one, only a few centimeters away, will grow. This process works both ways, creating the illusion that more than one amoeba is present. This often leads predators into tiring themselves out by chasing alternating pods. It can also prove difficult to catch one on film because of this.

The amoeba has no definite form and mainly consists of a blue mass of protoplasm. It is approximately the size of a human head and appears to be slightly fluorescent.


  • The term "amoeba" means "change" in Greek.
  • It closely resembles the amoeba found on Earth, which has almost the same characteristics.