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Disambiguous - This article is about the Alpha Section enemies. For information regarding the faction, see Alpha Section.
Alpha Section Beyond Good and Evil 6470
Alpha Section unit
Race Homo sapiens
Type Protection & Surveillance of key military interests.
Faction Alpha Section
Armament T-hammer, inpenetrable shield
Abilities Blocking, incredible hearing,
Locations Nutripils Factory, Slaughterhouses, Selene

Alpha Sections in combat[]

These mercenary soldiers are the most numerous enemy you face in the game... though not necessarily the enemy fought the most. The Alpha Section's armor is almost identical to that of the regular army, being the only substantial difference—the respiratory autonomy (breathing tank), on the back and the small-visor helmet. These components limits each unit's view and hearing ability.

Each unit is also equipped with a T-Hammer—which can inflict a lot of damage on Jade— an expensive, impenetrable shield and laser proof armour; the quality of their equipment and combat training make the Alpha Section's the most skilled enemies encountered in Beyond Good & Evil.

Fighting strategies[]


An Alpha Section solider. The green tank on his back is his weak point.

Because of the Alpha Sections' limited view and hearing capabilities, it is relatively easy for Jade to sneak up behind and even alongside an Alpha Section without being detected. It should be noted that running results in an immediate awareness of the Alpha Sections, so crouch to improve your stealth and limit the awareness of the enemy.

The best way to defeat an Alpha Section is by hitting the breathing tank on the back using the Gyrodisk glove. Once hit, the breathing tank malfunctions and the soldier is disabled. If there are more than 1 Alpha Sections in the area, the other will try to search for you and eventually help the "disabled" Alpha Section.

To defeat an Alpha Section in combat, wait for him to strike with his T-hammer, dodge his attack, then strike him a few times using the Daï-jo. Usually, doing this twice will cause the breathing tank to malfunction.


Stealth used against Alpha Section units.

Alpha Section Info

Info about the Alpha Section units.


  • Though a subject of discussion, the Alpha Section units, as they appear in Beyond Good & Evil, are homo sapiens. This is confirmed by Double H when taking a picture of said unit without wearing a helmet.