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Disambiguous - This article is about Alpha Section (faction). For information regarding Alpha Sections in combat, see see Alpha Section (enemies).

The Alpha Section are an interplanetary mercenary group led by General Kehck who were believed to be "the heroes and defenders of Hillys", mainly due to their elaborated media presence and remarkably praised for their campaign against the DomZ. Although their motives are vague, they were able to earn the respect of the majority of the Hillyan population and took over the planetary defense from the Hillyan government; Reducing the national army to policing and the Governor's power severely limited.

The IRIS Network are the main enemy of the Alpha Sections, who work to try undermine them and expose the truth behind their intentions.

Beyond Good and Evil[]

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Alpha Section propaganda poster

Dismanteling of Hillys[]

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Sometime before 2435, after an escalating threat from the Domz, the Alpha Sections arrived and took over much of the Hillyan government's political and military manners, reducing the Hillyan army's to only police work. Thanks to their healthy propaganda campaigns and media exposure, support grew and bolster recruitment into their ranks.

However, the IRIS Network was established to investigate the Alpha Sections' true intentions and drafted in Jade as their chief reporter. During a discreet infiltration of the Alpha Sections' Nutripills Factory discovered that their soldiers were genetically alterated, and modified with the DomZ's biotech, but they manage to apprehend Pey'J and send him on a one-way trip to the Domz' Lunar Base. However she manages to rescue another IRIS cover operative DH, who swears a fealty to help Jade get back her foster uncle at all costs.

A distraught Jade sends her findings back to the IRIS and their national newspaper began to expose the truth to the world. She would then be sent into a disused Slaughterhouse, being used by the mercernaries, to investigate their involvement with the aliens. She later revealed that they had been taken over by the Domz and used as pawns in the aliens' campaign for control of the planet.

Jade would then move on to the Moon to rescue Pey'J and defeat the Domz and their mercernary allies. Though she failed to save him in time and goes on to defeat both the Domz' Priest and General Kehk, forcing them to vacate and abandon their operations on Hillys; seemingly releasing control of the planet back to the government and the Army. The remnants' fate unknown.


The Alpha Sections' presence on Hilly's is surprisingly limited outside their facilities, only through media are they protrayed as the loyal defenders, according to speeches by General Kehck, and direct involvement for media attention.

They appear mostly bulky with black uniforms and masks with red glowing visors. Most of their drones share the same colour scheme and design of their handlers.

While the threat of the DomZ still exists, their response were lackluster and slow, despite the huge praise and media presence. Though they have access to impressive technology including drones, lasers and weapons.



Their HQ is located in the Hillys pedonal area, after the Hillyan Guards.


Used in the production of DomZ biotech and natural resources, here is where Jade was sent to expose the truth of the Alpha Sections' true appearence and release an IRIS prisoner from custody.


A disused slaughterhouse used as a cover for a transit station to send "volunteers" to the Domz' lunar base on Selene. Jade was sent here to expose the coordination between the Alphas and the Domz.

Broadcasting Station[]

The Alpha Sections have stationed a communications base on Hillys' orbital moon Selene. From there, officially cleared and regulated messages, commercials and speeches are transmitted to Hillys. They use this to control the planet's airwaves, making IRIS to rely solely on newspapers as their main means to address the people.

Beyond Good and Evil 2[]

Alpha Section Render BGE2

The Alpha Sections will appear in Beyond Good and Evil 2. They were seen at the end of the E3 2018 Trailer standing behind Jade.