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  • Scientific Name: Alicia splendens (Wild anemone);
  • Fact: They are closely related to jellyfish and corals;
  • Location: Inside Black Isle's ancient mines, Vorax's lair;
  • Worth: 300 units;
  • SC Comment: "Magnificient!! Ordinarily, Alicias live in the water."


The Alicia is a sea anemone that lives on the cave walls of the ancient mines on Black Isle and in the vorax's lair. Usually aquatic creatures, they have evolved to be able to live in open air. They seem to thrive only on jellyfish (or its variant, the mutant jellyfish) territory.

The anemone has a long tube shaped body that remains rooted to the cave walls by its adhesive foot. Several white tendrils spread out from its mouth like a blooming flower. It wiggles back and forth very slowly as if it were dancing through waves.

This creature is based on the real-life anemones of the Alicia genus.