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Aedes Raymanis
  • Scientific Name: Aedes raymanis (Rayman mosquito);
  • Fact: Its presence is an easter egg;
  • Location: Only one in the Nutripils factory;
  • Worth: 800 units;
  • SC Comment: (randomized) "Ok, it's filed... Good luck for the rest."


The Aedes raymanis is an elusive bug only found in the laboratory of the Nutripils factory. It can be seen placidly sucking blood from a dead cow's body with several houseflies and rats hanging around.

This creature is incredibly small, even smaller than a fly. Its two big eyes are about twice as large as its pink body. It has thin little legs, two small wings and a thick yellow proboscis (trunk-like mouth). It remains undisturbed to the commotion around it, even to Jade's presence.


  • The Rayman mosquito is actually an easter egg. Michel Ancel, the creator of Beyond Good & Evil, is also the one behind the famed Rayman series. This mosquito is an homage to the first boss (or mid-boss) of the first game, Bzzit.
  • It's based on mosquito found on Earth.