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  • Scientific Name: Adalia octopunctata (Eight-spotted ladybug);
  • Fact: It is used as a tutorial for Jade's camera;
  • Locations: Inside the Lighthouse, entrance to Black Isle mine shaft;
  • Worth: 200 units;
  • SC comment: (randomized) "Perfect, I'll file the shot..."


The Adalia octopuncata is the insect Secundo points out as an easy picture to take for the Science Center at the beginning of the game. Once Jade finds her camera, she will automatically direct her objective on the bug, though the player can quit the camera's interface without actually taking a picture. A whole swarm of them can also be found at the entrance of Black Isle's mine shaft.

Though this insect is of the ladybug family, it resembles more of a beetle because of its horn and big blue eyes. Like its name implies, it has a total of eight red spots, four on each wing.

Its name is derived from the real-life Adalia bipunctata, the two-spotted ladybug.